Would you like to have your conversation lesson in the open?

Well, I believe we can kill two birds with one stone: bicycling and speaking.

I love bicycling and I know Milan and its surroundings like the back of my hand.

You will get the best and the unexpected out of the city, all in a ride! You will experience another side of the Milan: relaxed, green, cute, authentic, lively and down to earth.

And if you wish to hit the country roads I will be happy to guide you across the beautiful nature of Lombardia, Milan’s bigger region.

In case you do not have a bike I will help you rent one at a very reasonable price.

Let’s take a hike!

Here are some FAQ’s about my bike tours

It is a slow, easy‐going bike tour. It is a completely relaxed yet active way to visit the city. You do not need to be fit, because Milan is flat and we will stop at various charming spots along the way. We avoid the most crowded and noisy roads I will take care of everything.

Me! I will accompany you on your ride.

It depends. If you take part in group lessons we will ask everyone to join in, but if you wish to be on a one-to-one bicycling basis it’s just fine!

If you have your bicycle just bring it along.

In case we need to rent a bicycle I will take you to a bike store that rents bicycles at very reasonable prices.

They say I am a good teacher and fun to be with. It’s like finding the right bar for the best cappuccino in town!

Every day 7/7. You can join me whenever you prefer.

For more details please contact me!